Home Renovations

Have something outdated? Need something replaced? We can help you with that. We have been doing home improvements since we have started 40 years ago. Whether it be adding an extension on your house or simply changing out old windows. We even do remodeling of your bathroom and kitchen or other sections of your home. Contact us when you are ready to start your new project.


Replacing your fence can be a big decision. You have to choose the right color as well as a design. There is also the height of the fence. Also, you have to think about what you want to enclose either the front or the backyard. You can even go with both. Check out the product page to see what is out there. Choose what you like best then contact us.

Lattice Top

Wood Fence

Arch Fence with PVC

Straight Line Top Fence PVC

High Fence With Spacing

Solid PVC Fence With Swinging Gate

Drive Way Gate PVC

Short Fence PVC


Looking for another new look for your home. We also specialize in pavers! It can either give your backyard patio a new look or even the front walkway/ stairs. You can even have it wrap around from the back to the front to give it a complete look. If you want to take a look at some pavers you might like or other examples check out Power House Mason Supply . Let us be the ones to pave your way into a better tomorrow!

Sahara Pavers

Bluestone Blend

Paved Walkway

Paved Stairs

Pavers and Deck Combination

Pavers and Deck Combination

Front Porch with Garden enclosure

Patio with Boarder

Mixed Pavers Around Pool

Barbeque Set Built in with Pavers



Timeless Decks & Renovations has been in the business since 1980. We have been giving the best quality for 40 years. Our main priority is to make our clients happy. We are a small business that is licensed and insured in Nassau County (H-1893400000) and Suffolk County (HI-64418). Check out below what we stand for and what we could do for you!

Timeless Decks & Renovations wants to keep you safe during these troubling times. We can assure you we wear masks. We also like to keep sanitizer on the job to keep our hands clean. Social Distancing is a must. We want to keep our clients safe!

Contact us today for your free estimate. We want you to feel safe. We now do contact free estimates. Head to our contact page for more information.

We want you to enjoy your home. Whether it may be replacing the old with new or simply remodeling your home. Keeping your home fully updated and looking beautiful is what we do best!

Whatever the material is we can take it down for you. Breaking down the old is the first step to every project. Then we will re-build a wonderful masterpiece.

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We specialize in building decks. There are many types of materials out there to choose from. You can go traditional with a wood deck or non-traditional Timbertech or Trex deck. Which will be low maintenance for you.

Looking to replace your fence? We can also help you. Fencing is just like decking. Choose the material you want and let us do the rest!

Pavers can be another alternative for you. Pavers can be a great to replace your front walkway to your backyard patio. Find the right color for you and let us pave your way into a better tomorrow.

Need railings or simply want to replace them. We can help you. Whether it will be for your front porch or your deck. Decide what color best fits with your home. Then contact us.

We also specialize in siding. Is your siding not up to date? Is it just falling apart? Does it not match the rest of your home? Contact us to restore the outside of your home.

We have been replacing windows since we have began this business. Want to replace them? We can help with that. From a basement window to a bay window.

Trying to remodel your home to make it look new again. We can help you. We can remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or even your bedroom. Contact us to start your new project.

Adding anything extra is always a great way to separate your home from the rest. It can either be something for your deck or remodeling your home. Talk with our salesman to see what additional work they can do.